How Long Does Hardieplank Last?

Mar 30, 2024

You know how technology keeps advancing, even in things like home siding? There’s Hardieplank siding made from fiber cement. Many people, about 5.5 million families, have switched to it because it’s super durable.

Some folks still like sticking with old favorites like wood or vinyl because if it worked for Grandpa, it should work for us. There’s nothing wrong with that, but how long does Hardieplank last? The answer seems promising.

What Is the Life Expectancy of HardiePlanks?

James Hardie is the top company for fiber cement siding in North America. They have been leading the way in quality siding for many years. Their siding can last a long time, even over 50 years.

They guarantee it for 30 years and the trim boards for 15 years, but it can last even longer with proper installation and care. But here’s the thing: you’ve got to pick the right contractor to install it properly in your house.

Deciding Factors for How Long Does Hardieplank Last

While Hardie’s fiber cement materials are tough and can withstand weather, if they are not put on your house correctly, they won’t hold up as long as they’re supposed to. The following are the factors that decide their durability:

  • Durable Material
    James Hardie’s siding is made from fiber cement, which makes it strong and long-lasting. Unlike other types of siding, it won’t rot, warp, or crack easily. This durability is a big reason Hardie siding can last for many years.
  • Performance Additives
    Hardie Siding has also added special stuff to make it even better. These additives make it fire-resistant, waterproof, and able to handle any kind of weather. So, right off the bat, it’s already tougher and lasts longer than other types of siding.
  • Proper Installation is Key
    Putting up Hardie siding isn’t just about the material – it’s about how it’s installed. If it’s not put up correctly, it won’t look good or work like it should, which means it won’t last as long.
  • Following Best Practices
    James Hardie gives instructions on properly installing their siding, and installers must follow these guidelines. If they don’t, the siding won’t perform as well as it should and won’t last as long.
  • Using the Right Materials
    Installing Hardie siding means using the right materials, like the correct nails, caulk, and paint. If the wrong materials are used, like low-quality caulk or the wrong type of paint, the siding won’t hold up as well over time. So, using the right materials to ensure the siding lasts is crucial.

How to Ensure the Longevity of Hardie Planks?

Knowing that Hardie’s siding needs to be put up correctly and with the right stuff is key to understanding how long it will last on your house. You must find a reliable contractor who knows what they are doing to double-check that your Hardie siding sticks around for the long haul.

Doing your homework, asking the right questions, and knowing what to watch out for will help you find a top-notch contractor. Once you have the right one, you can feel good about investing in James Hardie siding that will keep your home looking great for years.

Final Word

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