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How Much Does It Cost to Power Wash a House in Houston, TX?

Apr 30, 2024190 Views

Every homeowner needs to clean their house. While water and soap work fine for light dirt, they might not cut it for tough dirt. That’s when power washing comes in handy. It’s a powerful way to clean stubborn grime and make your house look almost new. Now, to a big concern: “How much does it […]

Siding Maintenance Tips: How To Keep Your Siding Looking Great

Apr 15, 2024848 Views

Your home’s siding and roof work together to shield you from the weather, like rain, snow, and heat. While materials like vinyl can last a long time with little maintenance, others need more care. No matter what your siding is made of, remember that you play a crucial role in its maintenance. Taking care of […]

How Long Does Hardieplank Last?

Mar 30, 2024580 Views

You know how technology keeps advancing, even in things like home siding? There’s Hardieplank siding made from fiber cement. Many people, about 5.5 million families, have switched to it because it’s super durable. Some folks still like sticking with old favorites like wood or vinyl because if it worked for Grandpa, it should work for […]

How Much Does Roof Insulation Cost?

Feb 29, 2024555 Views

With the seasonal changes coming your way, it is essential to make sure your home is well-insulated from top to bottom. This is especially true when it comes to your roof, as it helps maintain comfort and boosts your property value.

Vinyl Window Life Expectancy: How Long Do They Last?

Feb 15, 20242985 Views

If you're thinking about upgrading your house but don't know where to start, try getting your windows done first. Not only do they make your house stand out, but they also protect your house from danger, although that depends on the type of windows you get.

How Does Siding Impact Commercial Property Value?

Jan 30, 20241353 Views

Siding is often regarded as the aesthetic covering of one’s house, but despite its outward appearance, there are a lot of uses it offers. Even though it is usually overlooked, siding plays a huge role in shaping the overall value of commercial properties. Besides its aesthetic appeal, siding also acts as a protective shield, battling […]

How Much Does It Cost To Get A New Siding?

Jan 15, 20241105 Views

Siding ultimately protects your home from external stimuli, be it insect infestation or weather issues, there is a lot that siding does. It doesn’t just boost your curb appeal but also shields your house from harsh weather conditions, prevents water damage, and provides insulation. However, in order to keep your home’s safety defenses up, it […]

Window Season is Here

Aug 27, 2019183 Views

Making A Decision Style, glass, color and material… It can be confusing and hard to know what window is best for you. While style and color have a lot to do with your specific home, the material your new windows are made of may depend on more than aesthetics. Here is everything you need to […]

Payback – Renovations That Add Value To Your Home

Aug 27, 201998 Views

There are many renovation projects you can invest in that add significant value to your home. This includes both interior and exterior renovations, but did you know that you’re less likely to recoup your investment in a major kitchen or bathroom remodel than you are to get back what you spend on basic home maintenance […]