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Remodeling Magazine has issued its 2023 “Remodeling Cost Value Report”. The purpose of this report is to break down the return that homeowners and contractors can expect from their home remodeling projects and how that return will affect the overall resale value of their home. This report is released yearly and often provides information about new remodeling trends which can enable homeowners to understand what potential home buyers expect in an up-to-date property.

Siding Contractor
Cost vs. Value

Highlight: Big impact curb appeal projects continue to deliver highest returns, but rising materials and labor costs are impacting return on investment.

In the Houston area, siding replacement projects are among the higher ROI projects in this year’s report, which also include roofing, vinyl windows, and garage door replacement projects that collectively generate a cost-value ratio that runs above average. It’s important to remember that some markets perform better than others and that many variables influence the values. View the report below to learn more about the value of replacement windows, doors, and siding in Houston, TX and beyond.

The report breaks down projects on a regional basis so that homeowners across the country can understand what to expect from their surrounding market.

Information presented as compiled in the Remodeling 2023 Cost vs. Value Report (