Before and After Projects

Keep up-to-date on our latest siding and window projects

We are simply different! We are not selling you products, but coach you in making the right decision for your home, your lifestyle, and your budget. We treat you and your home with the foremost respect. We take satisfaction from doing the best job and from seeing you happy at the end of the project.

Highlighted below are sone of our recent projects. They are a good indicator of what you should expect from Everest when doing your project.

Below are highlighted a few projects we completed.

Windows SIding Project - Everest Siding & Windows

Siding Project // Katy // April 25, 2015 

This lovely home in Katy was outdated and the old aluminium siding was faded and dark, giving it a grimm look. Everest Siding and Windows replaced the old siding with the engineered wood LP SmartSide siding and painted in a lighter color that brightns the house and makes it look bigger and newer.

We also changed the trim around the windows, the fascia and the soffit and matched the color to the new siding.

To complement the new look, we also installed a fence around the porch, in a color that matches the siding.

Siding Project in Katy - Everest Siding & Widnows

Window Project // Cypress // May 10, 2015

Over time, leaks and cracks built up in the old windows of this beautiful home, allowing moisture or heat/cool air to enter and reducing the family’s comfort levels. Everest Siding and Windows upgraded it with high energy vinyl windows, in a briliant white color instead of the grey color before.

These new windows will lower the energy costs by keeping the heat in during winter and out during the summer. Due to the extra features these windows provide, the outside noise will barely be heard inside and the ultraviolet rays will not penetrate through the windows, no matter how hot the sun is.

Window Project in Cypress - Everest Siding & Windows

Solar Attic Fan Project // Tomball // April 29, 2015

This customer’s home had only a couple of static vents, which didn’t provide sufficient air movement to pull heat and moisture from the attic. The result was a hot house during the summer and very high energy bills.

Everest Siding and Windows added a solar attic fan which runs solely off solar power, therefore decreasing the energy bills. A thermal switch was used to control the solar attic fan. This switch only allows the fan to run when the attic is warmer than 80-90 degrees F. Running the fan only when the attic is hot extends the life of the fan motor and results in less heat loss to the attic in winter, but does not allow the fan to reduce moisture build-up in the attic at all times and does not allow the fan to prevent ice dams during the winter.