Antimicrobial Coating in Houston, TX

Antimicrobial Coatings

(This service is offered as an add-on option, in conjunction with our other comprehensive services. For more details, feel free to call us.)

Exterior home remodeling projects, such as siding and roof replacement, are some of the highest investments homeowners make in their home. Therefore, it only makes sense to not only use the best materials available on the market, but also ensure they last as long as possible. In order to maximize the longevity and beauty of your home exterior, Everest Siding and Windows offers an Antimicrobial Coating add-on service that provides freshness and combats deterioration and discoloration against mold, mildew and algae.

Our Antimicrobial Coating is a colorless, odorless, invisible shield that creates a covalent bond, with durable bio-static activity, to the surface of a wide variety of exterior substrates. When properly applied, it greatly increases the efficiency as a bacteriostatic, fungistatic and algistatic coating protectant. The antimicrobial coating imparts durable biostatic activity to the surface of a wide variety of substrates. It forms a positively charged layer that molecularly bonds to the treated surface. When a microorganism comes in contact with this layer, the active agent punctures the cell membrane and the electrical charge shocks the cell and physically destroys it.

It provides freshness and combats deterioration and discoloration caused by bacteria, fungi and algae, extending the life of any exterior surface. Stops the growth of mold and mildew.

No hand to Chemical Contact – Zero Residual – No clean up Required! No leaching technology or heavy metals. Safe and harmless to people, pets and the environment.

How Antimicrobial Coatings Work

  • Prevents premature material deterioration and discoloration
  • Stops the growth of mold and mildew
  • Non-toxic and has no VOCs
  • Safe and harmless to people, pets and the environment

Protect Your Siding and Roof from the Pesky Microbes!

You can rely on Everest Siding and Windows to provide efficient, effective and reliable services. It is our commitment to provide the best services using the highest quality materials on the market, and our antimicrobial coating service is no exception. Call us now at (832) 773-8221 to inquire how we can extend the life and beauty of your exterior house envelope and keep the mold, mildew and algae away.