Why You Need Hurricane Doors and Windows

Aug 26, 2019

Why You Need Hurricane Doors and Windows

If you have lived in Houston for at least 10 years then you have felt the wrath of tropical storms spurred by hurricanes. The amount of rain and high winds that can roll through this region can flood so many people ride jet skis down 45, and that’s not a joke (Allison anyone?) However, if you are new to Houston or the gulf coast you may not understand the importance of hurricane windows and doors for your home. Whenever you are considering making a significant improvement to your home such as replacement windows – you really need to consider the possibility of a tropical storm or hurricane. Even a category 1 hurricane or low-level tropical storm can do serious damage to your home. Having hurricane windows and doors helps protect your home and there are several reasons why they are a necessity.

Hurricane Damage Dynamics

If you have never lived in a region prone to hurricanes, you may not take authorities advice to evacuate seriously when a storm is heading for Houston. However, keep in mind they evacuations are difficult and costly for a city, so they don’t just do it on a whim. If they are saying evacuate, it means there’s some serious danger headed for us. These storms bring a nasty cocktail of extreme weather and dump it on the gulf coast in a short amount of time. Excessive rainfall, storm surges, and winds exceeding 75mph come together and pose a grave danger.

While your home is protected by exterior walls, doors, and windows can be the most vulnerable to the extreme conditions. Regular windows can tolerate direct impact winds of up to 85mph, which equates to a Category 2 hurricane. However, constant winds of such speed can eventually compromise the seal on the windows and break them. Not to mention the gulf coast has seen Hurricanes the 3, 4 and 5 category levels, which obliterates regular windows and doors with the wind speeds up to 170mph. Even if your windows and doors survive the wind, it is the flying debris that causes the most damage and allows the winds to rush in and due to pressure, destroy the home from the inside out.

Hurricane windows and doors are designed to withstand the impact of both debris and wind from even the strongest category 5 storms. When it comes to protecting your home wouldn’t you want protection from the worst case scenario for peace of mind?

Plywood Just Isn’t A Practical Solution

Many people think that boarding up windows and doors with plywood is a sufficient cheap alternative to having the proper hurricane doors and windows in their home. This is a very burdensome project that has to be completed in a short time usually and leaves permanent damage to your home. Not only to you leave holes all over your home’s exterior but plywood isn’t cheap! An average home has about 14 windows and four doors; at about $25 a sheet, you just spent over $500 in plywood and screws. Here is the kicker, most stronger storms such as Hurricane Ike, rip that plywood right off and sends it flying. So there goes your money, and your house anyway.

It’s The Law

In some regions of our great Gulf Coast, the building codes require hurricane windows and doors be installed on homes in order to be in compliance. Even many insurance policies won’t cover a home in these regions without them. So if you are building a new home in one of these regions like Galveston, or even getting replacement windows – they must be hurricane doors or windows.

It Adds Value To Your Home

Even if your city ordinances don’t require it if hurricane windows boosted the value of your home while protecting it too, wouldn’t you do it? Anything that adds appreciation to your home is a worthy investment, especially when it protects it as well.

Some of the best Homeowner’s insurance policies can be quite costly when you live in a hurricane region. Because of this, you want to do everything you can to earn discounts on your policy and adding hurricane doors or windows can help earn the largest discounts.

Weather The Storm With Everest

Never overlook the power of hurricanes or even tropical storms, even if you lived here for years and never experienced this display, it only takes one time to learn – Just one. Protect your home with Everest hurricane windows and doors by scheduling a free consultation today.