Types Of Covered Patios Suitable For Your Home

May 15, 2024

On a sunny bright Sunday, as you look forward to lounge in your patio with a cup of cold coffee and a good book – direct scorching heat has some other plans for you. While you want to soak the sun, but also want some shade to enjoy the outdoors, covered patios can be suitable for your home!

What is a Patio?

A patio is an outdoor space, a seeming extension of your house. This space is situated in the backyard or garden – and comes in a variety of sizes and designs depending on your house layout. Patios are typically made of flat, paved material such as concrete, stone, brick or tiles.

In addition to that, patios serve a multi-functional purpose, depending on how you want to curate the space. While some reserve it as a dining recreational space, others might like it to be a purely lounging area.

The idea of the space is to create an outdoor area reserved for miscellaneous activities. Some might like it to be completely open-air, while others might like it covered or partially enclosed depending on their vision and preferences.

Few Benefits of Covered Patios

Covered patios are now available in multiple types and provide the most feasible way to enjoy the outdoors. The shaded region – whether full or partial – protects against harmful UV rays and provides shelter from rain and snow. Not only that, covered patios also protect your patio furniture and decorative pieces.

It also adds to the overall appeal and functionality of your residential property – as a categorical outdoor living space. Covered or semi-covered patios provide a versatile area where you can channel your individuality while arranging intimate family dinners, friend’s karaoke night, or a weekend movie night with your partner or friends.

Types of Covered Patios

If you are planning to make shelter related changes to your patio, here are some types of covered patios to consider!

  • Awnings: Awnings are basically a sheet of canvas or other material that functions as a stretched, downward frame to keep sunlight and rain away. As a homeowner, you have the choice to keep them as permanent fixtures or retractable. They are a convenient, long-lasting, and highly customizable choice.
  • Pergolas: Pergolas provide a classic yet modern type of covered patio – with equally spaced rafters or completely solid. Pergola styles can be determined according to your property needs such as free-standing, attached, or hanging. They offer extensive options and are strong enough to support light fixtures. Pergolas are generally low maintenance depending on the material i.e. metal, vinyl, wood, etc.
  • Solar Screens: Solar screens are fabric panels that act as curtains for your outdoor patio. The primary function of a solar screen is to block sunlight and absorb heat. Installing these fixtures can help manage sunlight in peak hours and provide privacy when needed.
  • Shaded Sails: If you are looking for a portable patio cover, shade sails can be a perfectly suited covering option. Not only do they prevent sun rays, but they are waterproof and provide an edge on affordability. You can choose to keep, remove, or adjust, depending on your needs.

Factors To Consider Before Choosing a Patio Cover

Thinking about these factors will help you make the right choice for you and your home since there are numerous types of covered patios available to choose from.

  • Overall budget
  • Outdoor weather conditions
  • Overall residential appeal
  • Total square feet of patio
  • Maintenance cost

Final Words

There are a variety of styles, designs, and materials that fall under the category of covered patios. From wood, vinyl and metal choices, manual and automated, to fixed and retractable – assess your needs and budgets for a covered patio makeover.

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