Siding and Windows Remodeling Project in Cypress, TX


November 2023


Siding Remodeling and Windows Replacement


8” and board and batten style LP SmartSide and MI Vinyl Windows (black outside and white inside)

How much



Joseph had grand plans for his beautiful ranch in the heart of Cypress and a lot of home remodeling work was needed to fulfill his vision. After extensive research he was ready to make it all happen and Everest was hired for the siding remodeling and windows replacement part.

Our Solution:

Working on the transformation of this beautiful ranch was so much fun! We replaced the outdated siding with a fresh combination of 8” lap and board and batten style siding. The old back patio – which was no longer needed- was torn down and the second-floor patio door was replaced with a large window, matching the one to the left. A small window was also added on one of the second-floor walls to allow some natural light to come into the closet space.

Paint all the new siding with Extra White Sherwin Williams Emerald paint. We finished off the project by prepping and painting the bricks in the same color as the siding.