Your roof is the single most important part of your home, protecting you and your possessions from the elements. Everest Siding and Windows provides professional roofing, window and siding services with the understanding that quality workmanship is essential to the structural integrity of your home. No two roofs are exactly the same, but with years of experience under the specific conditions faced here in Texas we know what to expect and what to do on any roof.

We use only the best products in the industry. We begin the process by doing a free inspection of your current roof and giving you a detailed estimate of the costs involved in your new roof project. Everest Siding and Windows will work with you to determine and choose what roofing system will work best for your property.

We offer the following roofing system types:

  • Asphalt shingles

  • Clay tile or concrete tile

  • Metal roof systems

  • Slate

  • Wood shakes and wood shingles

  • Composition

  • Laminate

Customer manufactured accessories such as enhanced ridge or attic fans & ventilation, and green roofing products provide further enhancement or energy savings.

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No matter how great our installation services are there is simply no substitute for quality, so we start every job with products that are made to last a lifetime. At Everest we are proud to be affiliated with top manufacturers that have proven success in the home improvement industry.