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LP vs. HardiePlank

The irresistible force vs. the immovable object

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LP SmartSide Advantages

LP had its eye on showing advantages to James Hardie from day one. LP has quietly won over more contractors, builders, and homeowners every year.

In the world of siding there are many options. Steel siding, aluminum siding, vinyl siding, cement board or engineered wood siding. The two higher end products that are most popular are LP SmartSide engineered wood and James Hardie’s HardiePlank fiber cement. So which product is better?

The features that LP SmartSide highlights in their materials are:

  • Superior moisture protection and strength

  • Longer lengths than Hardie (16′ over 12′)

  • Less weight than Hardie

  • Less expensive to install (no special cutting tools needed)

  • Easier to install which means quicker, easier installation

  • Less likely to break or crack than fiber cement

  • Comes with a 5/50-Year Limited Warranty which provides a 5-year, 100% labor and replacement feature and a prorated limited warranty on the product.

  • Far more user friendly to the homeowner who is looking for a do-it-yourself type project.

That doesn’t mean the product is perfect. There are some attributes to LP Siding that some homeowners object to.

  • Because LP SmartSide is a wood-based product similar to Masonite it is not resistant to woodpeckers.

HardiePlank Advantages

Hardie now fully realizes the threat that LP poses to them and is aiming a lot of marketing material back at their competitor. However, Hardie has the huge advantage of more brand name recognition. Customers have asked over the years, “Do you carry Hardie Board?” Only recently have customers started to ask for LP SmartSide by name.

The features that James Hardie highlights in their materials are:

  • Hardie is non-combustible, ASTM-rated for fire protection, which is a property of being a fiber cement product.

  • HardiePlank is resistant to woodpeckers.

  • Seams can be installed tightly with no additional bands.

  • A lot of contractors think Hardie’s shakes look better than the LP shakes. Putting shake siding in the peaks (or gables) of houses has been a very popular way to dress up the front of the house for curb appeal. Hardie’s shake has a laid-back cape cod look on both their straight-edge and staggered edge version. LP makes more of a bold, hand-split rustic shake for an up-north look. For the siding boards themselves, LP has a little deeper woodgrain than Hardie, but they are both designed to look like cedar and they both do a very good job.

  • HardiePlank comes with the HardieZone® System. No matter where you live, now you can own a home with an exterior that’s ideally suited for its local climate. The HardieZone® System offers siding with specific performance attributes relative to the climate where your home is being built. So while other siding companies offer a one-siding-fits-all solution, James Hardie gives you the ability to get the right siding for your climate.

  • HardiePlank is the only one that comes prefinished from the manufacturer, with the Colors Plus process that has a 15-year warranty.

Again, as with everything else there are some cons as well:

  • HardiePlank siding should be installed by a trained professional. There are specific guidelines that need to be followed to make sure this product lasts.

  • The product is not as rigid and will follow the contour of your walls which may result in a little more waving of the siding.

  • Cracks easily.

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