Energy Efficiency & Staying Cool in the Summer

Aug 26, 2019

Learn How You Can Stay Cool for Less This Summer

Energy-efficient products are key to staying cool in the summertime at lower costs! When it’s hot outside, it helps to have features you can count on to keep your cooling costs low and your indoor comfort at an all-time high.

Energy efficiency starts from the outside! Learn how these products can improve your indoor comfort this summer.


Instead of using the popular Tyvek house wrap which only helps keep air and water out, use the Low-E house wrap which also provides an R-value of 5. The R-value refers to an insulating material’s resistance to conductive heat flow and how it is measured or rated in terms of its thermal resistance. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulating effectiveness. With this type of insulation, your home’s interior can better maintain interior temperatures, which will reduce the amount of energy your air conditioner uses. Two good options for your home are LP SmartSide and HardiePlank siding.


With energy-efficient vinyl windows you can enjoy lower HVAC costs, improved comfort, reduced condensation, reduced unwanted heat gain, increased light, and reduced fading to your carpeting and furniture. You will see and feel the difference your energy-efficient windows will have in your home right away!


Also known as cool roofs, energy efficient roofs made out of materials such as metal, asphalt, clay or concrete tile, slate, wood shake or laminate are beneficial for any home in the Texas area. We choose these materials for roof replacements because of their many cooling advantages in the summertime! Rather than heat being absorbed into the roof, traveling down into your home, a correctly installed, roof, will significantly reduce the heat passing through. Boasting emittance and reflectance abilities, energy efficient roofs won’t absorb the heat from the sun’s UV rays. In fact, reflectance will reflect the sun’s energy back into the atmosphere, keeping your home nice and cool! A great and affordable option for increasing energy efficiency is to add one or two solar fans to your roof. Solar Fans run on solar power and pull super-heated air out of your attic to be replaced by cooler outside air. This reduces the amount of work your HVAC system has to do to cool your upstairs living area.

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