Caring for Your Vinyl Windows

Aug 26, 2019

Keep Them Clean & Clear!

Everest Siding And Windows is proud to sell vinyl windows that are energy efficient, cost-effective, and virtually maintenance free. However, while these windows are very easy to care for, routine cleaning is very necessary. Using products that will remove any mildew and grime from your interior and exterior vinyl windows will not only help your windows look clear and brand new, but it will also extend the life of your investment!

To preserve your vinyl windows, follow these cleaning tips a few times every year.

Cleaning Supplies You’ll Need!

There are many ways you can clean vinyl windows without damaging the surface. If you are just trying to get dust and dirt off, just mix together mild dish detergent and water. You will only have to use a small amount to clean the windows, and this way you won’t have to deal with any residue after rinsing. Use a paper towel to vigorously wipe any stains away; then rinse away the residue.

For tougher stains like grease, mildew, crayons or paint, you can trust a water-based household cleaner or a solution of 30% vinegar and 70% water. Instead of using a paper towel, use a soft, nonabrasive cloth.

What Products You Should Not Be Using

To maintain your vinyl windows, it’s important to not use aggressive organic solvents. Why? These substances could affect the surface appearance of the vinyl. Here are a few other cleansers to steer clear from nail polish remover, chlorine bleach, and liquid grease remover.

If you have any questions about maintaining your vinyl windows, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We would be happy to talk to you.