Month: January 2024

How Does Siding Impact Commercial Property Value?

Jan 30, 20241454 Views

Siding is often regarded as the aesthetic covering of one’s house, but despite its outward appearance, there are a lot of uses it offers. Even though it is usually overlooked, siding plays a huge role in shaping the overall value of commercial properties. Besides its aesthetic appeal, siding also acts as a protective shield, battling […]

How Much Does It Cost To Get A New Siding?

Jan 15, 20241167 Views

Siding ultimately protects your home from external stimuli, be it insect infestation or weather issues, there is a lot that siding does. It doesn’t just boost your curb appeal but also shields your house from harsh weather conditions, prevents water damage, and provides insulation. However, in order to keep your home’s safety defenses up, it […]